Beautiful Cables

Beautiful Cables

Oh Christmas knitting, I should know better!  I guess I should preface this by saying that this year I had a plan.  I decided to knit my mother and sisters some fingerless mitts and matching hats (pictures and story to come).  I started these projects FAR in advance because I know, only TOO well, what chaos Christmas knitting always becomes.  And a week or so before Thanksgiving, I was sitting smug on my high-horse, knowing I had only a few rows left to complete ALL of my Christmas knitting.

Then my boyfriend changed everything.  “Do you think you could make me a scarf?”  He asked with those big, blue eyes.  How could I say “no” when he treasures the hat I made him last year?  Now I should tell you, I hate scarves.  Ever since I moved on to more lucrative lace-shawl knitting, I feel like a simple scarf is some-what beneath me.  But Paul wanted a simple, warm scarf.  Just something he could wear when he bikes to work.  How could I resist?


I decided to try to make the most of the situation, and searched for a pattern that would be mindless, repetitive, and semi-interesting.   I finally decided on the Miranda Cable Scarf by Smariek  (found on Ravelry—of course).  For the most part, I feel like this scarf met my qualifications.  The K2 P2 ribbing was certainly mindless and the cables kept me interested.

Before I knew it, the scarf had reached an entire foot!  And then another foot!  But the thing with scarves is—they have to be around 70 inches!  Arg!  That is why this post is called “The Never-Ending Knit Scarf!”  I’ve started taking this scarf EVERYWHERE and neglected all of my “selfish” knitting, and still, I don’t think it will be done by Christmas!  Oh well, I’m sure my boyfriend won’t care if it’s done late—he’s very sweet and understanding.  But it has becomes my personal mission to put this scarf before everything else.  I maybe have ¼ to go.  Wish me LUCK!


How are you doing on your Christmas knitting?  Is everything finished?  Do you have a few more rows?  Did you decide not to do any Christmas knitting at all?  Please let me know! I would love to hear. J

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  1. Trish says:

    Love that! Beautiful, yet masculine. I too, love lace shawls! 🙂

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