With mere hours to spare, I finished the infamous Never-Ending Scarf just in time for Christmas!


I knit the scarf until it reached 62 inches, and then attached 6 inches of trim at both ends.  It seems to be just the right length, and my boyfriend LOVES it.  Mission Accomplished!


I am SO excited to start on some “selfish” knitting.  Maybe a shawl?  Or a hat?  Both?  What knitting are you working on now?  With the holiday season nearly over and done with, its time to start a project for yourself.  Please share!  🙂

About Karen Sofie

I love sewing, knitting, cooking, and creating.

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  1. It looks really good! I love cabled scarves, but I don’t really like knitting either scarves or cables. And haha, I feel you on your excitedment for “selfish” knitting. I just started socks all for myself and it’s awesome.

  2. craftcastic says:

    Nice! I have never knit socks before, they seem so complicated. I did start a hat last night though (details later). Thanks for reading! 🙂

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