With all of the Christmas gift knitting complete, it is time for SELFISH KNITTING! *squeal*

I decided to cast on two projects for myself.  First, the Hermione Hearts Ron hat with my leftover yarn from my mom’s hat and fingerless mitts.  I decided to start this hat because the cable and lace pattern will make it stretchy and soft, and at only 150ish yards, it will be a quick and satisfying knit.


Secondly, I cast on a project that will take a LONG TIME.  The Radiance Shawl is gorgeous, but at 900 yards, it takes a while.  There are only 205 rows, but the last few rows have 700+ stitches!  I have already made one before with a sock weight Patons Lace, but this time I will be using a real lace weight that I purchased from Kitty Rabbit Kreations.  It is a cold periwinkle/gray that he named “prejudice”.  I love this color!

I only have 800 yards of “prejudice” so I will be modifying the pattern: removing certain rows and hopefully making that 800 yard goal.  Wish me luck!

What “selfish knitting” are you starting now that the holidays are over?  Do you like to start multiple projects at once or stick to just one?  Please share, dear readers! 🙂



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  1. kerna2 says:

    I’ve tried the Hermoine ♥’s Ron twice and still don’t have a hat that fits me. I really need to stick with the yarn a pattern was made in or do better swatches. I almost always have 3+ items going at once, right now an afghan a year in the making, a viking helmet, and a hat for someone (not sure who yet). Good luck with the shawl, lace patterns overwhelm me!

    • Karen Sofie says:

      Thanks, Kerna2! I just finished the Hermione hat and it worked up MUCH smaller than most hats I knit, but since I have a small head, it fit. I will admit, I never do swatches for hats (even though I know I should!). I feel like most knitters like to have multiple projects going at once, and an afghan, Viking helmet and hat seem like wonderful variety. I know some days I want a challenge, and others I just need some garter stitch to meditate over. 🙂

  2. […] was enjoying sock weight yarn so much, that when I began selfish knitting I chose to knit the Hermione hearts Ron hat.  Before I knew it, I was finished and already casting […]

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