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A while back, I started crocheting a bunch of hexagons using the pattern from Hexagon How-to.

I will admit, I didn’t really think they would all ever be complete, and the project was stashed for nearly a year under the bed in Area-51 (where UFOs live).  Note: “UFOs” are unfinished objects!

I finally dug out this project and realized I didn’t have that much further to go!


I laid out the hexagons I had already made on the floor and decided how the afghan should be put together, and then started single-crocheting them all together.  Before I knew it, I was finished!

I’m usually not a “yellow” person, but the colors went together beautifully and I LOVE the finished result.


I’m usually much more of a knitter than a crocheter, but occasionally, a crochet project will strike me and I just have to make it.

Are you a knitter or crocheter or neither?  It seems many people lean towards one or the other, but I find beauty in both.  Please share your thoughts!


About Karen Sofie

I love sewing, knitting, cooking, and creating.

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  1. Gloria says:

    Beautiful blanket. I too have started a hexagon afghan. I am fairly new to crocheting and this is a multi colored brilliant blanket. I will have to lay them out after I get done to see how the colors look best. There aren’t any tutorials on how to join them after you have made all the hexagons, but its good to see that I am not alone in putting it together at the end rather than join as you go. I will sc as well. Seems like it will take forever. Hope the finished product will be as beautiful as yours. Thanks for sharing.

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